Voltaire Vegan cafe, tapas restaurant in Bangor

Voltaire - A Vegan cafe tapas bar restaurant in Bangor


Having heard about Voltaire vegan cafe tapas bar restaurant near the pier in Bangor, Daf and I decided to try it this evening. We’re not vegan but who cares; the meal was excellent.

We enjoyed the atmosphere, the decor, the music, and above all the food! You really don’t need to be vegan to appreciate good food. It was fresh, well presented and very tasty. The menu isn’t very extensive yet: they have only been open three week,s and are trying different dishes to find out what is popular. While we were there the chef was offering one customer a variation to one of the dishes listed – the service is very personal.

Well… the chocolate brownie with flavoured ice cream and coconut was so enticing, we started before taking the photo. The shame of it…

Voltaire - A Vegan cafe tapas bar restaurant in Bangor

We left feeling relaxed, and healthily fed; we will be back.

Voltaire vegan cafe tapas bar restaurant: Opening times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 12:00 – 23:00 (last orders 21:00)

Voltaire facebook page

4th May 2016