Surf Snowdonia

Surf Snowdonia in Dolgarrog

Daf and I heard about a new venture – Surf Snowdonia. This totally confused me at first: how can anyone surf a mountain range?!

A quick visit to their website explained everything.

Surf Snowdonia - expert surfer on a wave

In Dolgarrog, in the Conwy Valley, an old aluminium works has been turned into an exciting open air pool with a huge wave machine which creates ideal conditions to learn to surf.

On Sunday we spent hours there watching beginners, people of all ages, being taught the basics of this brilliant sport, while some very advanced surfers gave an idea of what can be achieved.

Beginners at Surf Snowdonia

There are other facilities, an indoor restaurant and bar, with a huge glass wall, overlook the pool, so you can while away time watching all the fun. We had really good cappuccinos too, something we can rarely find.

Now we can’t wait to try surfing ourselves.

5th July 2015