Lovely November day

We have had some very mixed weather for the past few days: we even had a first dusting of snow on the highest mountains, but it only lasted a few hours and today brought a balmy 15°C along with blue skies and sunshine.

The fuschia in a tub outside the cottage doesn’t seem to have realised it’s autumn yet.

Fuschia in November outside the cottage

Daf and I enjoyed lunch with friends, Paul and Peter, who were cycling on Route 5 from Holyhead to Bangor, which brought them near Coed y Berclas. It was great to see them and catch up with their news.

As they cycled up the drive to complete their ride, Daf and I decided the day was too lovely to stay indoors, so we went for a walk along the lane to the lake, where we watched waterfowl while the sun was getting lower in the sky. We walked back home just as daylight was fading into dusk.

This evening I have plans to get some more work done on the two quilted wall hangings I am preparing for the next Cwilt Cymru travelling exhibition – ‘Connection’.

What a lovely day.

Dorothy Russell

12 November 2013