Snow on Snowdonia

17th January 2016

The weather is settling day by day, less rain, more blue sky and definitely less mild. As I sit in our kitchen writing, I can see Bangor Pier and the trees and buildings of Hirael reflected almost perfectly in the still waters of the Menai Strait.

Beyond are the gentle green slopes of the foothills leading ever upwards to the mountains of Snowdonia. There is a light covering of clouds blanketing the very tips, but clearly visible below them is a beautiful covering of white snow.

Sun rising over snowy hill os Snowdonia

This beauty is, of course, deceptive: up at those altitudes the temperatures are well below anything experienced where we are – near sea-level. The Mountain Rescue volunteers are kept busy at this time of year, so if you wish to walk in snowy mountains, be well prepared and stay safe.

January 18th 2016