Telford’s awesome suspension bridge

Telford's awesome suspension bridge

I walked down from the scenic lay by on the old A5 road out of Menai Bridge, to pick up the Angesey Coastal Path down by the water edge. I wanted a shot of the Telford Suspension Bridge at dusk across the Swellies. It was low water springs and the ebb had ritually changed its mind. It wanted to get my feet wet. A heron flew across the shot, I sank a bit in the mud and didn’t get the shot I wanted. The bridge was awesome.

I had quite forgotten how lovely the little Church of St Tysilio is, nestling on the island beneath the bridge. By the time I arrived through Coed Cyrnol it was dark, so after a look around the little island, I returned over the causeway and turned along the Belgian Promenade towards the bridge. Again I ventured to the water edge to see a most awesome view of the floodlit bridge with the moon beyond trying to poke her face through the clouds. The lapping water thought my feet weren’t already wet enough. I had a word with Canute. I sank in the mud again. The tide doesn’t seem to understand the photographer’s needs. I got half a shot…

Daf… trainee photographer

Posted: 2009-02-11