5 Star Grading for the New Apartment at Coed y Berclas

The new Apartment at Coed y Berclas is now ready to receive guests.

Both the Cottage and the Apartment have been graded this week by one of the inspectors from ‘Visit Wales’, the Welsh Assembly Government’s Tourism Department. The cottage has had 4 stars since we began letting it, some years ago, and we are very pleased to say that the Apartment has been awarded 5 stars (and a lot of compliments on the work we have done). It has been really enjoyable selecting all the furniture and textiles to decorate the Apartment, and watching its personality develop: now what we need is some guests to come and enjoy it.

Misty view of Bangor Pier

The views are wonderful – I know a lot of holiday websites boast this for their property, but look at the images to see the view from Coed y Berclas and decide for yourself – the sitting/dining room, and one of the two ensuite double bedrooms, look out directly across the Menai Strait, and Bangor Pier, to the Snowdonia Mountain range beyond, and you can lie in bed and watch the sun rise over the mountains.

Each of the rooms also has its own terraced area just outside the French windows.

The view from the cottage is partly occluded by the main house, which is just down hill from it, but opens to its full glory from the orchard, which is used only by cottage guests. We lived in the cottage as our children grew up and I well remember us all standing on the muddy patch (which became the orchard!) at millenium midnight, watching all the bonfires, fireworks and flares across the water. The reflections were wonderful too.

Speaking of fireworks, it’s getting very close to Bonfire Night in Beaumaris (Saturday 2nd November): the cottage is booked, but the Apartment is still available. The fireworks are always spectacular (a very good adjective for fireworks, n’est pas!)

Dining/Living room of our new apartment

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Merry Christmas 2012

It’s ages since I wrote a blog — sorry — the bit I don’t understand is how I can find any time this close to the madness of Christmas. Well … the decorations are up; the cards are sent; the presents are wrapped and are actually under the Christmas tree; we’ve had a lovely lunch with my quilters and I’ve written a list of what we’re eating during the festive season; so maybe it is a good time to write.

Snow on the Carneddau at night in December 2012

Outside the light is beginning to fade, but the snow capping on the mountains of Snowdonia is still clearly visible through the windows: the cloud is descending and soon it will be totally shrouded.

The lights of Bangor are twinkling across the Strait, and it is clear towards the west, but eastwards along the coast, towards Llandudno, both land and sea have vanished behind a veil of mist.

In the morning, the sun will rise again from behind the mountains, bouncing light between the snow and clouds bringing us one day nearer to Christmas.

Our family will be home with us and I can’t wait…….

Have a lovely Christmas and a very good New Year.

From Dorothy and Daf xx

PS As I have been writing, the mist has gone from the east and I can see the twinkling amber lights along the coast: the hills have darkened to deep, deep blue and the light in the clouds above them is amazing. I never fail to be entranced by our constantly changing views.

Dorothy Russell

December 2012

Graham Mills Landscape Artist

Watercolour by Graham Mills  'Bangor Pier'

Artist Graham Mills and his wife Rosie, from Milton Keynes, stayed at Coed y Berclas during the second week of the Easter holidays. They had beautiful weather for the whole week, which gave Graham the opportunity to produce a series of watercolour paintings of the view from the Cottage Orchard, looking over the Menai Straits and Bangor Pier towards the mountains of Snowdonia. We thought you might like to see some of the resulting images. We chose two of our favourites. Graham says next time he stays here he’s going to bring acrylic paints and really let rip. We look forward to putting photos of some of those paintings on the blog too.

This is what Graham and Rosy wrote in the Visitors’ Book:-

‘We had the most fantastic time, we pre-ordered the weather so that we could sit and enjoy the amazing views. We were able to sit out every morning and night (6 days of sun). Everything about the stay was great, fantastic warm genuine welcome, the website which is excellent does not convey the reality, it would be impossible to.

We both enjoyed painting the views from the terrace, I ran out of paper, will not make that mistake next time. There is much to do and explore on the Island, we enjoyed the artists open studios, if these are not open then look around the cottage at Dorothy’s work. We will be back with more paint and brushes, enjoy your stay, tell all your friends but not for the week that I would like it next year.

Just relax and float into the landscape.’



Beautiful August night.

Moonlight over Snowdonia

After a beautiful August day, came one of those magical moments when the moon rose through whispy clouds over Carnedd Llewelyn, Snowdonia.

The sun’s last pink glow, promising good weather for the morrow, had just left the mountains, handing them over to night’s caressing darkness, when the creamy moon slipped silently up from misty, cloud shrouded mountain tops and rose high in the sky to glow with a mysterious and ethereal light. The Menai Strait lay becalmed and silent below, the lights of Bangor foreshore reflecting languidly in her still waters.


5th August 2009… a few minutes ago

Snow on the Carneddau

Snow on the Carneddau

Sunday 8th February 2009

I’m looking out from our living room at Snowdonia, beautiful in its white overcoat. At lunch time, Daf watched tiny figures walking down Carnedd Dafydd, along the ridge which looks over to the Black Ladders. On Anglesey, protected by our proximity to the sea, we have the best of both worlds: we can look out at stunning views of snow on the mountains while not suffering its inconveniences. Well, it suits me!

On Friday a flock of 20 Canada geese flew low over the Cottage. The sound of their wing beats and their calls made them feel very close indeed. I’m also keeping a lookout for Red Squirrels which have been sited in the area.


Posted: 2009-02-10 22:19:59