Follow Your Bliss 2 Crowdfunding and a New bathroom for the Cottage

Its been a busy time so far in 2018. We started installing a new bathroom in the Cottage and completed last week. Images will follow soon on the Cottage page.
We also installed a complete new WiFi system for Guests covering the Apartment and the Cottage. Reception and coverage is now even better!

As a respite from work on the Cottage, we made a video for Follow Your Bliss Café in Bangor!

FYB is a superb Gluten free Café run by Lesley Wills. She is expanding to new premises with more space for the Café and take away. Follow Your Bliss offers Gluten free, Vegetarian and Vegan freshly made foods such as Lesley’s famous wraps, cakes, health drinks and other delights. An excellent water Kefir is made by FYB.

The new premises on Bangor high street will have upstairs space for Health facilities and education – such as cooking classes, Yoga, Personal Training, and so on.
This takes Crowdfunding and Lesley has set up her project on Follow Your Bliss Cafe at Indiegogo. click the link.

Hope you enjoy the video!

(The obedient Husband at Coed y Berclas)

‘Follow Your Bliss’ – a new and very welcome addition to Bangor’s café culture… Gluten Free

Crepe at Bliss Cafe Bangor

This morning, Daf and I sneaked a couple of hours off work – how dare we?! An acquaintance of ours opened a café in Bangor two days ago and we felt it was time to pop in to see how it was going.

I should explain – this is no ordinary café: Lesley is a personal trainer and dietary specialist who spotted a gap in the market – a very big gap: ‘Follow Your Bliss’ is entirely gluten-free and the food is all very carefully sourced.

Even the coffee is selected internationally, then roasted in Groeslon – look for ‘Poblado’ on the internet. I had an Americano (with lactose free milk) and a lemon macaroon and they were both superb – the coffee was the best I have tasted in a long time, possibly ever and the macaroon was fresh, moist and very tasty. Daf, with a larger appetite (nobody mentioned the work greedy!) had two coffees and a ‘Bliss Me Up’ sweet crepe with everything on it – I think it worked!!! It wasn’t even a guilty pleasure – all the ingredients were fresh and healthy.>

Bliss Cafe Bangor. Image of servings

The café is small and very welcoming and whether you live gluten-free or not, we can heartily recommend a visit. We’ll be back, for sure!!!

You can find them at 47 High Street, Bangor. LL57 1NR. 01248 361700.

Enjoy… Dorothy Russell
11th February 2015