Beaumaris Fireworks New Year 2014

Happy New Year

Having had a quiet Christmas alone, Daf and I had a much more sociable New Year, surrounded by friends and family and with a lovely couple staying in the Apartment.

The weather was a bit ‘hit and miss’ but that can be expected at this time of year and it didn’t stop anyone enjoying themselves. Most importantly, the midnight fireworks from Beaumaris Castle were enjoyed in calm, mild, dry weather, which was perfect.

Fireworks above Beaumaris castle at 2014 New Year

The display was really lovely and a brilliant balance of pretty, exciting and noisy. The backdrop of the mediaeval castle is wonderful and the crowds on Castle Street and in White Lion Square really appreciated the occasion: with lots of hugs, kisses and New Year greetings all round us. I can hardly believe we are already in 2014; it seems no time since we were celebrating the Millenium – where does the time go!?

Dorothy Russell

1 January 2014

Beaumaris fireworks 2010

Fireworks at Beaumaris 2010

Cottage at Coed y Berclas has been nominated by several of our guests for the Anglesey Tourism Association Award for Best Self Catering Establishment again this year so Daf and I have been busy putting together a document in support of our entry. As we won last year, the pressure was on to live up to our award and improve both the service we offer and this year’s entry. The deadline was Monday 8th November and two documents were handed over on Saturday 6th. Why two documents? Because this year I was also nominated for the Best Arts and Crafts Award. Thank you to everyone who nominated us.

And how did we celebrate handing over our entries – by going to watch the Beaumaris Fireworks Display, of course!


Beaumaris New Year Fireworks 2010

Beaumaris fireworks over the castle New Year 2010

This Christmas there has been snow on the mountains throughout and we even managed a couple of flurries of hailstones and had ice on the pond here at Coed y Berclas. Daf took some lovely photos of frost patterns which might become inspiration for a quilt at some time in the future.

However the photo which just had to be featured in this blog comes from the New Year’s Eve midnight firework display on the walls of Beaumaris Castle. The night was frosty and sharp with a clear sky and the most astonishing full moon cast silver blue light, creating strong shadows over the landscape. The backdrop of snowy mountains added to the magical feel as the crowd, dressed for the weather, was thrilled by the display. We really enjoy the sense of community this gathering gives.


1st January 2010

2009 Beaumaris Fireworks Display

November 2009 Fireworks at Beaumaris

We’ve just got back from another fun Bonfire Night at Beaumaris.

Bonfire Night at Beaumaris is rapidly becoming a main Anglesey attraction. If you can get here, it is definately one of the things to do on Anglesey in November. It seems there’s always something new and this year the fireworks were timed to the music. However, what I noticed were the new colours – lilac and pink appeared alongside the usual red, blue, green, gold and silver. The effect was dramatic and despite rain showers, crowds of onlookers surrounded the huge bonfire and watched as the sky was painted with myriad sparks of coloured light. To add to the fun; from Beaumaris we get a backdrop of the mainland across the Menai Strait and have echoes of our own fireworks all along the coast.

What a lovely way to mark the beginning of the dark nights of Winter – does anyone give Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot a thought these days? How many young people even know what it was all about? How much better it is to enjoy the stunning display of explosive light with members of one’s own community with fun and laughter. Roll on midnight on New Year’s Eve and the firework display from Beaumaris Castle!


7th November 2009