Snow on the Carneddau

Snow on the Carneddau

Sunday 8th February 2009

I’m looking out from our living room at Snowdonia, beautiful in its white overcoat. At lunch time, Daf watched tiny figures walking down Carnedd Dafydd, along the ridge which looks over to the Black Ladders. On Anglesey, protected by our proximity to the sea, we have the best of both worlds: we can look out at stunning views of snow on the mountains while not suffering its inconveniences. Well, it suits me!

On Friday a flock of 20 Canada geese flew low over the Cottage. The sound of their wing beats and their calls made them feel very close indeed. I’m also keeping a lookout for Red Squirrels which have been sited in the area.


Posted: 2009-02-10 22:19:59