Covid procedures and precautions at Coed y Berclas

Covid procedures and precautions at Coed y Berclas

This is to go some way to reassure you that we are doing all we can, and what we ask of you, to minimise risk of transmission between guests. We are naturally Covid cautious here, and fortunately rates on Anglesey are consistently low.
Providing a clean environment has always been a priority to us as we know how important it is to you too, but we have now re-evaluated and enhanced our procedures, closely following government guidelines. Covid-19 is mainly passed on between people who are in close contact. We will always maintain a distance in excess of 2m and always outside. Less commonly, the virus can also be transmitted by droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes onto a surface that is subsequently touched, and is then transmitted into the eyes or nose, hence the advice to wash hands frequently. Our cleaning regime is designed to minimise this risk.

Our cleaning regime is as follows:
Masks, aprons and gloves worn at all times.
Ensure all cleaning materials have been washed at high temperature before starting.
All hard surfaces double cleaned, firstly with hot water and detergent and secondly with an antiviral solution. Cleaning surfaces will include:
• All handles: doors, wardrobes, fridges, ovens, toasters, microwaves, kettle etc.
• All horizontal surfaces in all rooms, including beds.
• Loo seats and handles
• High-touch items: keys, TV remote control, taps, light switches/ pull-cords, washing machine and dishwasher doors and buttons etc.
• Waste / Recycle bins
• Fridge shelves
• Fruit bowls
• Dining chair seats and backs
• Hairdryers
• Stair and landing banisters
• Thermostats
• Lamp switches
• Bathroom toiletries

What we ask of you

On Arrival: The half life of the virus depends on many variables, temperature and surface type being the main ones but is the order of about 5 hours. Hence the first evening and 24 hours of your stay is when we ask you to be particularly scrupulous in terms of handwashing. In this time please do not browse the books, DVDs, maps, games, magazines and visitors’ book. We will bag up the sofa scatter cushions and suggest you don’t use those for 24 hours, and will provide throws for the sofa that you can use for the first few days. If the changeover day is sunny we will UV treat the cushions in the sun, UV kills the virus in a few minutes, in which case the cushions will be safe on arrival.
In the last 24 hours of your stay please use the rubber gloves provided when unloading the dishwasher and putting things away.
On departure: On your last morning please ventilate the cottage / apartment as much as possible as you are packing up, especially the bedrooms. We don’t normally ask guests to strip the beds but we would really appreciate that. Please don’t remove the pillow protectors (under the pillow cases) and quilted mattress protectors unless they are marked (if so please bag those separately). We will provide a bag for bedding and a separate one for towels (which we will then quarantine for 48 hours before washing).

Please depart by 10am, leaving the keys on the dining table and the door ajar. Do ring the doorbell to say goodbye before heading off!

If you do develop Covid-19 related symptoms during your stay please consider leaving for home as soon as possible. If you develop symptoms in the 7 days after you return home then please let us know.

July 2020